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The Roosevelt women's soccer team is the 2023  3A STATE CHAMPION! This is the first state champion title  in RHS women’s soccer history. This is also the first ever Seattle Public School to win for women’s soccer. History was made this season!   GO RIDERS!

Summer camp: 8/12/24- 8/15/24

Registration for summer camp is open! Our camp fills up quickly so sign up to reserve your spot now! We look forward to seeing you this summer! 

Camp information and registration here



TRYOUT 8/19/24-8/23/24:  details will be posted once available

Lucas Isler

Head Coach

Phone: 2068906440

Dan Weisbach

JV Coach

Phone: 2064519070

Vija Veinbergs-Rogers

JVC coach

Phone: 8109235490

Maia Kelley

team manager

Phone: 12063543147

tam odonnell

Girls soccer booster representative


We  have a limited number of hats ($35), earrings ($15) available for purchase. Contact team manager if you would like to make a purchase.





Contact Maia Kelley if you would like to volunteer or  have any questions!




When and Where are tryouts?
Tryouts will be 5 days long (August 19, 20,21, 22, 23). All 5 days will be at RHS. Tryouts will be held outside Rain or Shine.

Will there be cuts made after tryouts? 
We traditionally have more kids than there are spots available, so yes, some players may be cut. That said, there are many spots to be filled so we encourage all interested players to come and try out!


If I am sick or injured, should I still come to tryouts?

Injured student athletes should still come to tryouts if they are to be considered for placement on a team. If a student athlete is too sick to come to tryouts, she MUST contact the coaching staff or team manager. In addition, all injuries need to go through our Athletic Trainer.

How are teams formed?

Team coaches and assistant coaches evaluate each player. Each player will have ample opportunity to showcase her skills, soccer knowledge, and fitness at tryouts. Specifically, the coaches look to evaluate the four components of a soccer player:

(1) technical ability - speed of play, successful application of skill at a high speed and while under pressure

(2) tactical awareness and application - speed of thought, ability to read the game and make decisions that are best for the team

(3) physical development and

conditioning - speed, quickness, strength, agility, aerobic capacity

 (4) psychological - maturity, competitive spirit, attentiveness, leadership, communication, mental toughness, cooperation.

After teams are formed, there may be some movement in the roster each week. Spots will be earned during training prior to the game based on effort, performance, attitude, and health. All student athletes, regardless of their grade level, are eligible to make Varsity. Because a student athlete was on Varsity, JV, or JVC last year does not guarantee she will make the same team this year.

Equipment athletes should bring to tryouts

Soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer clothes (jacket/sweatshirt depending on the weather), and any other gear they need.

When does the season start and end?

Regular  season will begin right after try out starting 8/26/24. First game can be the week of 9/2.  The season will run until the end October for JVC & JV, and early Mid November for Varsity depending on playoffs.

What are the usual practice/game times and locations?

Practices are every day after school 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (usually early on Wednesday due to early release). Practices are at RHS field and Magnuson Park field. 
Varsity and JV Games are typically T/TH with a few exceptions. JVC games can vary.

Practices will be held on every non-game day.

Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc.? 
Metro Athletics, Metro Girls Soccer (

Is there transportation provided by the school for games played away from school?
Players will travel for away games by  school bus on games days; 1) during the school week and 2) at locations that are 30+ minutes away. Players are required to ride the bus to and from games, unless the player and parents have coordinated with the coach(es) in advance.
Carpool coordination is encouraged at all levels to help get players to and from practices and games.

Will the athletes miss any class time due to away game? If so, how is that situation coordinated between teachers and the athletic department? 

Away game departure times and home game prep, often result in players leaving school early. With the later school start, school buses are shared among the school district for teams and students. Coaches submit team early dismissal lists through the school and the athletics office, but players MUST be responsible to get their work completed and be aware of what’s due.

Players must attend all classes on game days. Exceptions include periods missed when given an early dismissal and an excused absence that is approved by the school. Illness is not considered an excused absence.

How will athletes and parents receive communication about last-minute changes regarding game schedules, transportation, rainouts, etc.?

Last minute changes are difficult, but often unavoidable. Changes in locations, time, transportation, etc. will be communicated as soon as possible via multiple sources. 1) Instagram Page 2) Team Chat Messages 3) Email Blast 4) Individual Team Admin Email Blast
Patience and flexibility are key during the season.


What equipment does the athlete need to provide? 

  • Soccer cleats

  • Shin guards

  • Water Bottle

  • Green socks (will be available for purchase)

What equipment will be provided to the athlete? 

  • Game Jerseys and warm up jackets  (returned at the end of the year)

What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?

  • Must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks

  • Cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check

  • Must have participated in a minimum of 10 practices before 1st game

  • Must be in ALL classes on game day (please no doctor's appointments on game days if possible)

  • No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before, during, or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2-game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Game Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!

Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer and are critical to the success of the RHS girls soccer program. We welcome all who wish to help and there are numerous opportunities to be involved. Current openings are:
1.Team managers: JV and JVC.  Volunteer(s) to help support the coaches and players with team communications or other support as needed.
2. Fundraising coordinator
3. Live stream game and up load to FB

4. Game recording for coaches film

5. Team dinner coordinator

6. Coaching assistants:  Volunteer to help support the coaches during practices

Will the team be fundraising to raise money? 
YES!!! Roosevelt Soccer team works to raise money through fundraising and donations. Funds raised are used to fund social activities, purchase new equipment, and support coaching fees.

Parents may be asked to contribute funds to purchase socks and toward social activities.




Please check regularly as schedules are subject to change.