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The Roosevelt Athletic Boosters

The Roosevelt Athletic Booster Club's mission is to financially support and celebrate all student athletes. 

Our goal is to maintain an enduring, reliable community that works in partnership with Roosevelt High School to give every student a chance to compete.

Who We Are

The Roosevelt Athletic Booster Club (RAB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1987 to enhance the athletic programs at Roosevelt by providing resources beyond what Seattle Public Schools funds.  The club currently serves 27 teams/sports, each of which is represented by a parent volunteer. The RAB is run by a board made up of a President, Treasurer, and Secretary, all elected by the parent representatives.

What We Do

The primary responsibility of the RAB is to raise money as an additional source of funding for the athletic teams and clubs at Roosevelt. Nearly half of the Roosevelt student population participate in athletics. Our funding comes from individual team and general RAB fundraising events and activities, and direct donations from our community. 

RAB helps fund items that will stay with the school or benefit an entire team or sport. One of our major financial obligations is paying for in-house athletic trainer. RAB has also helped pay for: 

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment and supplies 
  • Post-season competition (ie: play-offs, State tournaments)
  • Training and skills enhancements for teachers and coaches
  • Transportation
  • Fingerprinting and background checks for coaches
  • Facility rentals not covered by the school
  • School-wide sports recognition banquets or awards night events

The Booster Club relies on contributions and fundraising to operation. 

Please donate today! 

Note: To donate to the Booster General Fund, first write in your donation amount, then put 100% in the box next to General Fund. If you'd like to donate to both the General Fund and a specific sport, you can split the amount by placing 50% in the General Fund box and 50% in the box next to your chosen sport.

Roosevelt Athletic Boosters Club